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Once winter is over it means that spring time is in the air but it also means that termite swarms are coming to life also. Termites swarm during the spring season the most heavily and can be a disheartening sight for any home or property owner to see. That is why The Termite Boys want to give you these 10 tips to better protect your home or residence from termite damage this season.

  1. Fix all of the leaking water pipes, faucets, and leaky AC units you might have on your property. Stagnate water can attract unwanted pest to your property.
  2. Remove all moisture when possible or at least reduce moisture around the home, as mentioned in the previous step termites thrive in moisture and need it to survive.
  3. Always repair damaged or old fasica, soffits and rotted shingles on the roof.
  4. If any of your homes weather stripping is damaged or loose seal the holes or mortar around the basement foundation and windows to keep termites out!!
  5. The drainage system in your home should divert the water away from your home and not collect it outside your residence. Again having water around your property will increase your chances of termites on your property.
  6. Make sure to do routine checks of your homes foundation for termite damage signs. Some of these signs might be mud tubes or even bubbling paint or wood that feels/sounds hollow when tapped.
  7. Check on all of your exterior wooded areas which include door-frames, windows, and skirting boards for any termite damage.
  8. One of the most important tips to stopping termites from entering your home is create a 18inch gap between the soil around your home and your home itself especially if your home is made of wood.
  9. It is always important to store firewood at least 20-30 ft from the home in case of termites living inside the wood pile.
  10. The best course of action to ensure you don’t get termites or if you dot they don’t do horrible damage is contact a licensed professional to inspect your property annually like The Termite Boys.

If you find termites in your home or know someone that is dealing with them call The Termite Boys today! Termites are a pest that cannot be controlled without the help of a professional and here at The Termite Boys we have been getting rid of termites in the greater Boston area for over 30 years. Let our fast reliable team of exterminators protect your home or business today. Call The Termite Boys today and get protected!




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