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Termites can destroy your home or any property alike, that is why here at The Termite Boys Boston we have complied a list of 10 Tips for you to prevent termite damage on your property. Use these 10 easy steps to give you better piece of mind about termites but always remember if your find termites don’t wait until they cost you thousands contact a licensed pest professional like The Termite Boys.

  1. Remove all sources of moisture around your property.
  2. Repair old fascia, soft fits or rotted out roof shingles.
  3. Repair all leaky faucets and other pipes and anything else that might leave moisture.
  4. Make sure that your properties weather stripping and loose mortar around your home are in good condition.
  5. Make sure all drainage goes away from your property and not towards your homes foundation.
  6. Always make sure you do routine inspections around the home for mud tubes and other signs of termite damage. (if you need help with termite signs we have a blog that outlines them)
  7. Check all exterior wood and interior wood for termite damage or infestation signs.
  8. Always have an 18-inch gap between your soil and any wood parts of your homes construction.
  9. Professional inspections are never a bad idea many responsible homeowners have companies like The Termite Boys come out annually and check their property for termites. That way a termite infestation can never get out of hand without your knowledge.
  10. Make sure to store all of your firewood on your property at least 20 feet from your home so that it does not attract termites to your property.

If you have any more questions about termites of how you can better protect your home or business from termites contact The Termite Boys today. The Termite Boys have been protecting the greater Boston area for over 30 years, all while being family owned and operated. See why so many in the greater Boston area have choose The Termite Boys to protect their home or business from termites!


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