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With the current termite swarming season upon us follow these 4 tips outline by the Greater New Orleans Times. The biggest termite swarms generally occur each year around mother’s day, or this weekend (May 7th). So make sure you use this time as a friendly reminder to be proactive with protecting your property from termite damage. It is important to remember that it is always less expensive to pay for termite prevention, then termite damage.

  1. Swarming season is worst between April and July. If you see swarm near your home or find some termites near your property it means you’re located close to a nest.
  2. Make sure to turn out interior and exterior lights around sundown till about 9:30 at night. Doing this makes sure not to draw the termites into your home from the light you’re emitting. Termites often swarm around sources of light as they are easy spots for most termites to locate in the night to breed.
  3. If you find swarms coming from inside your home or property don’t panic call a licensed pest professional like The Termite Boys.
  4. If you see swarming coming from your trees, or shrubs from around your home you might also want to call a pest professional.

As we mentioned earlier it’s always less expensive to pay for termite prevention then to have to treat an infestation, so act fast if you think termites are a threat to you. If you find any evidence of termites in or around your property, or just want to have an inspection to make sure contact The Termite Boys Boston. We have been removing termites in the greater Boston area for over 30 years. Contact The Termite Boys today and make sure your property is protected from these silent destroyers!




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