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Termites can destroy your home or any property alike, that is why here at The Termite Boys Boston we created a list of 5 Basic Termite tips you can use to help you with termite season this year! It’s always important to remember if you have termite contact a licensed professional like The Termite Boys to handle it before it costs you, or your business thousands!

  1. Yard Work – this may not seem important to termites but it is keep up with your yard work. Make sure that trees or other vegetation are not coming into contact with your home, this can provide a direct route for the termite to enter your home.
  2. Seal Entry Points – This means that all cracks and holes in your homes entry ways or anywhere a termite or pest can enter must be sealed. This will not only help with heating and cooling costs, but also with keeping pest out!
  3. Wipe Counter and Vacuum – Pests like termites like dirty unkept areas and it also makes them harder to be detected so keep up with cleaning.
  4. Clean Out Storage Areas – Old storage areas can be prime places termites start to establish themselves so regularly check these areas for pests.
  5. Contact a Pest Expert – If you are unsure what you’re dealing with or find termites contact a pest expert like The Termite Boys today! Termites cause billions of damages each year to properties don’t become one of those victims!

If you have any more questions about termites of how you can better protect your home or business from termites contact The Termite Boys today. The Termite Boys have been protecting the greater Boston area for over 30 years, all while being family owned and operated. See why so many in the greater Boston area have choose The Termite Boys to protect their home or business from termites!


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