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Spring doesn’t just mean home improvement and spring cleaning it also means the return of termites! Spring is the prime season for termite activity in the United States, and is the most common time when infestations establish themselves. Termite infestations cause about 5 billion in property damage annually in the United States, and most infestations go undetected for years. The NPMA or National Pest Management Association is working to give the public information about termite,s and how to better protect their properties from termite damage.

The vice president of the NPMA Cindy Mannes said the following in regards to the issue “As we approach the warmer months when termites emerge in search of new structures to invade, it’s important for homeowners to know how to spot a termite issue.” She went on to say ““If you see something suspicious or a termite problem is found, homeowners should contact a pest professional to assess the severity of the situation and recommend a treatment plan, as termites often cause damage to homes completely behind-the-scenes.” One of the most important factors to not becoming a victim of termite damage is understanding the signs of termite infestations, and how they occur.

The NPMA had the 5 following tips for helping home/property owners spot termite infestations:

  1. One of the only visible signs of a termite infestation may be discarded wings near windowsills or doors of the home.
  2. The most common termite found in homes is the Subterranean termite. They make mud tubes found near the properties foundation to give them moisture while they travel from home to a food source.
  3. If you find wood that is dark or blistering into pieces it may be a sign that a termite infestation is present. Wood that is soft sounding if you tap on it, or sounds hallow may also be a direct indication of termites.
  4. Bubbling paint on walls or ceilings is often a sign of moisture which in turn can be a sign of a termite infestation.
  5. The wood in your home appears to be more a lighter shade then it used to be. Another sign is if you find wood-colored droppings that look like sawdust inside or outside your home

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