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Follow these 5 steps to make your home or business less of a termite magnet during this termite season. Termites cause more than $50 Billion in property damage in the US alone so using these tips to stop termites could end up saving you lots of money.

  1. Keep Property Clean – It is important when dealing with any pest species to make sure your area is clean not only is it harder to detect pest species when its messy it also attracts them. Keeping your property clean includes removing standing water around your property, and moisture along with dense shrubbery touching your home.
  2. Restrict Access – To prevent unwanted guest such as termites from making their way into your home it is important to make sure the trellis is not leaning against exterior walls. Termites generally gain access to a property though wood to soil contact or wood to wood contact so inspect your property.
  3. Control/Prevent Termite Breeding – Always make sure that any leaks are fixed because moisture draws pests to your home especially termites. Not only does moisture draw in termites it also helps bacteria grow and gives resources to termites for breading and creating a colony.
  4. Treat Wood – Using wood that is treated to prevent termite damage might be a good idea if you life in a particularly bad termite area. Termite resistant materials during building or renovating will give you extra protection in the long run. Understand though that chemically treated wood is never 100% termite proof so it is still important to run other checks even if you have treated wood.
  5. Termites Are Not DIY Projects – Termites should never be dealt with without a professional they are not a do it yourself type of project. The fact that termites can destroy the foundation of your home or business and cost your thousands of dollars shows just how serious they are.

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