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You might not know it but things you’re doing might be attracting termites to your home. In this article we will outline with you the 5 most common things that attract termites into your home, so that you can better protect yourself from termites this season. Protecting yourself from termites can be hard on its own but if you don’t know what attracts termites it can be even harder.

The first way in which people often attract termites to their residence or property is by having firewood or woodpiles near their properties. People often stack these wood piles next to their homes making it easy for termites to go from there wood stockpiles to their homes. The National Pest management Association recommends having your firewood at least 20 feet from the home if at all possible. One other tip if possible is to store fire wood raised off the ground around 5 inches or more; this will make sure no termites infest your woodpile.

Fix improper drainage on your property whether its gutters or other drainage path ways. Fixing them is important because moisture attracts termites. Cleaning gutters is not only a critical part taking care of your property it brings termites into your home if they are not maintained. The increase in moisture from improper drainage can make your insulation, or foundation very vulnerable to termite infestation. If at all possible make sure to divert all drainage water away from the foundation, and as far from the property as possible.

The Third way in which people attract termites is excessive wood laying around there property. Different wood than firewood as mention earlier this wood includes dead stumps decaying trees or fallen or old branches. If you have any rotting wood on your property especially if it is close to your home remove it rotting wood attracts termites so removing it is critical.

The next way in which people attract termites to their properties is by mulch. Mulching your gardens can be great for plants, but if you use mulch too close to the foundation of your home it could attract termites. Termites love mulch and sometimes eat it as a source of food so putting it next to your home is asking for trouble with termites. To be safe make sure that you put mulch a minimum of 15inches away from your homes foundation.

The 5th and final way in which people attract termites to their properties is by having trees close to or in contact with their homes. Having trees close or in contact with your home gives them easy access to move from the tree to your home and begin feeding. It is important when at all possible to cut limbs touching the home, and monitor your home for termite infestations regularly.

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