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These days, home ownership is not as affordable as it used to be. Many millenials today face issues when it comes to making regular mortgage payments. Naturally, millenials have instead opted to rent, or live with their parents. However, a once in a lifetime opportunity has presented itself to anyone interested in owning a home. At the moment, anyone who is a legal adult can obtain a particular home in sunny Florida for free. It is not everyday that we hear about an offer to obtain a beautiful two story house for free. In fact, such offers are unheard of, so it should be known that obtaining the home comes with a few downsides, such as widespread and long-running termite infestations.


In the city of DeLand, Florida, the St. Barnabas Church is offering a problematic money pit of a house to anyone who is willing to own the structure. To sweeten the deal, the free house was the first St. Barnabas Episcopal Church parsonage, which is a type of house that churches provide to clergymen. This particular house is even a registered historical site in the state of Florida. Not long ago, two prominent clergymen asked the Historical Preservation Society if the house could be demolished since it had sustained serious structural problems. In response, the Historical Preservation Board voted against demolition and instead asked the clergymen to give the house away for free in the spirit of Christian compassion and altruism. Although this idea sounds like a logical and good-spirited solution, the cost of demolishing the house would cost more money than the board members are willing to pay. Also, the house is in terrible condition due to a termite infestation, and it is dangerous to inhabit. Furthermore, if a willing owner comes forth, that individual will have to pay to relocate the entire house to another area.


The home was constructed in 1920, but since then it has become a haven for termites. As a result of years of destructive termite activity, the second floor of the house is near collapse, and several cracks in the foundation provide access points for additional termites. Despite having a new roof installed a year ago, and regular pest control treatments, the termite presence is too significant to control. The house is also in violation of several housing laws, as termites have induced the house into a state of near collapse. For example, a beam that supports the second story is damaged and it is only a matter of time before the home succumbs to a natural demolition. The estimated cost to relocate the home is fifty thousand dollars. Maybe the house is not so free after all, but if you love termites so much that you want to live with them, then go for it.


Do you think that entomologists would be interested in retaining the home for research into termite damage to structures?


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