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Can Termites Get Into Your House On Firewood?

Nobody is a termite enthusiast. Termites are universally hated, and with good reason–they can destroy your home! So naturally, many homeowners want to know how to avoid a tragic termite infestation. One question that is often asked involves firewood. Many people have fireplaces. And even those who do not may still bring firewood into their homes for parties and get-togethers. Obviously, it is important to know if you are putting your home at risk for a termite infestation every time you bring firewood into it.

Although the risk may seem high, there is actually only a very small chance that your firewood is infested with termites, or any other insect. There are two types of insects that can be brought into your home from firewood; one type of insect feeds on wood, and the other uses wood for shelter. Beetles are found on firewood more often than any other species of insect. There are all sorts of different types of beetles that dwell within firewood.

Powderpost beetles have been found on firewood within people’s homes in the past. The presence of these beetles is recognizable since they produce visible piles of sawdust as a result of carving little homes for themselves within wood. Luckily, the chances of finding these beetles infesting the wood within your home is very low, and the moisture present in your home’s wood is not sufficient to sustain a colony of beetles.

Termites and carpenter ants have been found in firewood that was wet or stacked in one place for a long period of time. Termite colonies live within soil, not wood, so you will only see worker termites in your wood. However, termites build intricate tunnels through wood, and evidence of this activity is clear. Termites also make a mess with wood shavings and so forth, but the carpenter ant leaves your wood looking untouched. To avoid a termite infestation in your home be sure not to stack firewood, and don’t keep your firewood on the ground.

Have you, or anyone else that you know, ever experienced a termite infestation? If yes, then how did the infestation start?