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The Chappell Schools located in Riverside California have been shut down to the presence of termites on school grounds. The school recently discovered the termite problem while doing some routine maintenance checks around the school grounds. The termite infestation was so severe though that the school officials decided to shut down the school until the problem can be properly dealt with.

Termites when not kept in check can destroy any wood around them, this included foundations or support beams. The fact that termites do this can be an extreme danger to anyone occupying or using the property with the termite infestation especially in a school were young children can be harmed. That is why it is important that the school and city deal with this problem as soon as possible in the correct manner to ensure everyone’s safety.

This issue that the Chappell Schools in Riverside are dealing with really highlights the importance of a proactive termite plan. It is always a better course of action to be preventative with termites than be stuck with a huge expensive bill once an infestation has occurred. It is also important to contact a licensed trusted pest control professional like The Termite Boys so your problem is handled correctly and your property is fully protected.

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