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Termites continue to be a significant issue for homeowners in Boston. These pests can cause extensive damage, eating away at your home’s wooden structures and compromising its structural integrity. What makes the problem even worse is that many homeowners only discover they have a termite infestation after the damage is done. At Termite Boys, we are committed to offering pest control services that efficiently deal with termite issues. In this blog post, we will be discussing the most common termites in Boston and how we can help you keep your home termite-free.

Eastern Subterranean Termites– These termites are the most common in Boston and pose a significant threat to homeowners. They live in nests underground and require constant contact with damp soil. This means that if your home has water or moisture issues, it is at risk of attracting these termites. At Termite Boys, we offer termite inspections to help determine if your home has an infestation. We also provide treatment options to eradicate the termites and prevent a re-infestation from occurring.

Drywood Termites– While relatively rare, Drywood termites are an issue in Boston. They live within the wood and do not require any contact with the soil to survive. Given that they live within the wood, detecting an infestation of these termites can be challenging. At Termite Boys, we have the expertise to identify a Drywood termite infestation and offer alternative treatment options.

Dampwood Termites– Dampwood termites in Boston are not very common, and because they require more humidity than is typical in New England, they are usually found in coastal areas. However, if you live on the Boston coast, they can pose a severe problem to your home’s wooden structures. At Termite Boys, we offer a comprehensive home inspection program that can help determine whether your home is at risk.

Formosan Termites– These termites are not common in Boston, but they are one of the most destructive in the world. Formosan Termites can eat through wood at an alarming rate, causing significant damage in a short period. On the bright side, most homeowners in Boston do not have to worry about Formosan termites. In case you discover Formosan termites in your home, we at Termite Boys have proven expertise in handling these pests.

Termites are a real problem for homeowners in Boston, and they can cause significant damage to your home. Getting regular termite inspections will reduce the risk of termite damage to your home, as identification of termite infestations will allow for timely treatment. At Termite Boys, we have a team of professional exterminators, who are well-equipped and experienced in providing termite treatment services. Contact us today for a termite inspection and subsequent treatment options. Let us help you protect your home from termites.