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Termites cause irreparable damage, which affects the integrity and structure of your home. There are multiple methods to control the termites in your home. The termite control methods vary from different species of termites.

There are different methods to control termite infestation in and around your home. It is difficult to identify the correct procedure for termite removal because there are so many species of termites that live in our surroundings.

Let us look at the detailed methods of controlling termites infestation recommended by the pest control experts:

Use of chemicals and pesticides:

It is one of the most effective and widely used methods to remove termite infestation. New procedures and technologies created for the removal of pests can kill termites. You will experience much better results by using pesticides that suit termites’ control. There are multiple poisons available in the market to control termites. Chlordane is the chemical used for termite control.

Use of Soil treatment:

Termites are widely feasible in the ground areas. After confirming the presence of termites, you can treat that particular area. Make effective use of pest controls after knowing the targeted area. When all the points of termites are covered, they can’t enter the soil.

Electronic and Temperature Sensitive Treatment:

Termites are sensitive to the environment. They will die immediately just by a small change in the temperature. Even using a vacuum can get rid of them. You can make use of extremely hot or cold temperatures to get rid of them if the termites get infested in your furniture. The use of electronics and microwaves kills the termites presented in your dry or wood objects.

Termination of food resources:

It is a preventive measure to ensure that the termites do not enter your sweet home again. Make sure to remove the food resources mostly liked by these creatures, such as wooden objects. Remove the elements promoting moisture. Try to fix the leakages at the right time.

Placement of termite baits:

Using chemicals in the soil lasts only for few hours. It is crucial to find new solutions to get rid of termites. Install termite baits in your ground area. After eating these baits, the termites will be dead.

Liquid treatments:

Termiticides are available in the form of liquids. One can avoid the entry and exit of termites using liquid treatments. If the liquid termiticides do not pass on, drill the area. It is helpful to make use of multiple methods if you are facing an infestation of termites.


These were just a few methods to protect your home from termites and prevent it from further damage. Professional pest control experts will assess the situation and recommend appropriate termite treatment.