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Americans are DIY people. However, some projects are best left to professionals. When you weigh the positives and negatives of DIY termite treatment vs. professional treatment, which one should you go for?

It is a simple choice when it comes to other projects like cleaning gutters or painting. DIY is the best choice. Today, many people are opting for DIY methods to get rid of pests. If the pest is a mouse or a fly, it is okay to try DIY methods before hiring a professional. That also requires to take the right safety measures. However, DIY might not be the best option if you are dealing with termites.

You can afford to get it wrong on ants and rodents. If your DIY techniques do not get rid of them, you can always hire a professional. But the same cannot be said for termites. The damage caused by termites can cost you thousands while you experiment with DIY methods. That is a very expensive experiment. It only pays off if you get it right like a knowledgeable pest control professional.

Here are some reasons why you should leave termite treatment to professionals:

It Can Be More Expensive

You might think that DIY pest control will save you money, but it can end up costing you much more. The damage that termites could cause to your home when trying to handle the problem yourself could cost you thousands to repair. Besides, the money and time spent when using DIY methods can add up. Termites cause damages worth over $5 billion per year. Considering the costly damages, DIY termite control is not worth the risk.

DIY Methods Consume A Lot of Time

There are endless application techniques and amounts of solutions out there. You can find yourself spending hours digging trenches, crawling, and spraying. A pest control professional is trained to identify and assess termite damage and then choose the best possible treatment method.

Most homeowners do not know the behavior and biology of termites. Therefore, they do not understand how and where they should treat these pests. Instead of spending hours trying to address the issue yourself, a termite control professional can detect and solve your termite problem and save you time to do other activities.

It Can Cause Serious Problems Later On

You might decide to hire a professional after several failed attempts. Unfortunately, these DIY termite control methods usually make it harder for the professional to fix the problem because the area is already contaminated. Calling a professional as the first option can save you time and money. A trained and licensed termite treatment professional will inspect your home thoroughly before treatment. They understand the areas at high risk of infestation and notice the signs of termite damage that you might not notice.

Professionals Use Better Treatment Ingredients

The ingredients you buy in a local store are not as potent as those used by licensed termite treatment professionals. Using the particular chemicals that professionals use requires you to have a license to demonstrate that you are an expert in certain efficacy and safety standards.

Also, different situations need specific pest control solutions. Knowing the solution that will work best for your situation requires a pest control professional’s knowledge and experience.


While termites might be small, they can easily damage your home. DIY pest control treatments might seem to be a fast, straightforward, and cheap solution. However, termite treatment is not something you should handle alone. Contact a certified pest control specialist to save your home from avoidable damages.