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If there is one thing that you do not want to find in a house that you own it is flying termites. In America, many termite species take flight during the spring around Mother’s Day. This means that termite swarming season is quickly approaching in America. Most of you probably know that flying termites are reproductive termites that establish new colonies after flying away from their previous dying colonies. These flying termites are known as alates, and they can be spotted at surprising times of year, not just in the dead of spring. In the southeast United States along the Gulf region termites are particularly active and therefore troublesome. From Texas to North Carolina, the most destructive termite species are routing around the ground in high numbers. Of all the Gulf states, Florida is the most heavily impacted by termite-related damages. For example, one restaurant in Florida has been ordered to close its doors to the public after a termite swarm swept through the kitchen area. As it happens, this restaurant is located on an Island off the coast of the state. Many people are shocked at how prevalent termites are on the island. Apparently, many people were under the impression that termites could not access bodies of land surrounded entirely by water. Unfortunately for islanders, they can.

A restaurant named Mackey’s Munchies on Fleming Island, Florida has closed due to the presence of an indoor termite swarm. Many of the swarming termites attempted to make a home for themselves within the restaurant. The restaurant’s owner, Brandye Mackey, claimed that she saw numerous termites crawling around the floor beneath the fryers. Luckily, conditions within the kitchen may be too hot to allow for the survival of termites, but Mackeye is having the restaurant voluntarily closed until professionals remove the termite infestation.

Mackey’s restaurant is not just any restaurant. In fact, Mackey’s is reportedly the most popular eatery on the entire island. Although Mackey’s sees a lot of business, the owner anticipates losing a lot of money due to the many days of not serving food to the public. Also, the owner does not have pest insurance on the restaurant, which is yet another good reason to review your home’s insurance contract.

Do you think that termite damage repairs should be included in all insurance contracts on homes and buildings in the termite-infested state if Florida?

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