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The Formosan Termite who has already caused millions of dollars of damage in New Orleans has now been found in northwest Louisiana, for the first time. The Formosan Termite was discovered by Twin City Exterminating owner John Digilmormo, while he performed work on a home in the Haughton’s Dogwood subdivision. The spreading of Formosan termites into new areas may be a cause for concern for residents of northwest Louisiana. The Formosan termites are highly destructive pests to deal with, and have a huge appetite for wood. They have already established themselves with large colonies in New Orleans, and Baton Rouge along with the Monroe-West area.

Digilormo made the discovery because of a call from a concerned customer at night saying there were swarms of termites in their home. Digilormo knew that traditional subterranean termites do not swarm at night, and are generally not found during this time of year. Digilormo claims that if the Formosan Termites did not swarm that night he probably would not have known they were Formosan Termites. Formosan Termites form much larger swarms than the traditional subterranean termites “they have a couple million workers in a colony, far more than subterranean termites, so they can do a lot more damage quickly,” Said Digilormo.

The Formosan Termite is native to southern China originally, but have steadily moved north in the state of Louisiana since arriving. The average colony of Formosan Termites eats about 13 ounces of wood per day, one of the prime reasons their so damaging compared to the traditional termites. It is always important to have a licensed pest control company like The Termite Boys to come out, and inspect your home when you find pests like termites. Don’t let your home or business become victims to termite damage, call The Termite Boys today! Our dedicated team of exterminators has over 100 years of experience and can handle any pest problem you may have.




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