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A homeowner in Australia just experienced first-hand how devastating a termite problem can be. Claire Bristow the homeowner about a year ago noticed what she thought was a tiny black scratch on the woodwork of her home, but when she rubbed the scratch what she thought were dozens of white ants tumbled out were in fact termites! Ms. Bristow later discovered the termites had originated from beneath her house from an old tree stump buried under her foundation, and had eaten their way into the home. Unfortunately for Ms. Bristow she will have to have her entire staircase rebuilt in her home costing her thousands of dollars! In Victoria Australia where this occurred homes are protected from termite damage cost if they are located in an area declared a termite prone region. Unfortunately in this case the home was not located on one of these designated areas. It is up to the city council to declare an area a termite prone area in Victoria, Australia.

The Victoria area where this termite infestation occurred is currently experiencing a huge population and economic growth. This is followed by massive amounts of construction to account for the population growth, all of which attribute to the growing termite problem. Dr. Don Ewart a termite consultant when asked if some areas in Victoria were at risk for termites he said “There are termites everywhere”. Dr. Ewart said that Victoria city council is afraid to declare Victoria a termite prone area for fear of raising prices on the housing market, which they feel would slow down the current boost in development. The Planning Minister Richard Wynne could avoid the city council vote entirely by designating the whole area of Victoria a termite prone area. The problem is Patrick Lane a spokesman for the Planning Minister when asked about the issue of termite control in the area said, “Local governments are best placed to designate areas in its municipality which are at risk of termites” meaning the area will most likely not be designated a termite prone area anytime soon.

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