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Many people have experienced varying degrees of termite infestations. Sometimes termites are noticed quickly enough to be professionally addressed before structures become heavily affected by termite damage. In more extreme cases, termites can gain dominance in a home, forcing residents to evacuate until fumigations are complete. In the most extreme cases, termite damage can render a home hazardous to live in. In these cases, renovations or even demolitions become necessary. We all know to call a pest control professional upon finding termites within our homes, but how are our homes protected from termites during and after their construction? Do construction contractors install anti-termite barriers to protect homes from possible infestations? In most cases contractors will install certain materials to protect a home’s most vulnerable locations. Of course, not all houses have been constructed with anti-termite protective features.

Today, the majority of houses are built with materials that are made to prevent termite damage to electrical wires, plumbing and other services that penetrate people’s homes. One of these anti-termite materials is a form of mesh that is made from high-grade corrosion-resistant stainless steel wire. This mesh serves as a barrier to keep termites away from a home’s foundation. This mesh is used to coat underground pipes and electrical cables. Although it may seem strange to find termites eating away at pipes and wires, it sometimes happens. If termites are determined to gain access to cellulose-rich wood, they will sometimes penetrate through the most durable of materials. However, several experiments have proven that the mesh is strong enough to prevent termite penetration.

The mesh is most effective at preventing termites from traveling along pipes and wires in order to gain entrance to a structure. Obviously, houses that were built decades ago may not have stainless steel mesh or any other types of termite barriers as termites have not always been the major economic nuisance that they are today. This durable mesh material also coats the bases of utility poles and wooden fences. The mesh has proven to be durable even after a full decade.

Do you believe that your home is too old to have been built with termite barriers?


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