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Dealing with termites is a top priority for any homeowner. The amount of damage a single colony can cause goes up into the thousands of dollars, and there are plenty of control methods out there that you can use. One of the most popular methods that come under consideration is the termite chemical. However, is it actually effective? Let’s find out.

What is termite chemical?

Once termites find wood, they work around the clock on it. Feeding on it, digging through it, and stocking it up in their colony. On top of that, termites are present in every single US state, with the exception of Alaska. A colony can have up to one million members, and it can devour over 100 pounds of wood each year.

Of course, this threat has created a huge demand for pest control measures, and there are many options out there, one of which is the termite chemical. So what is the termite chemical? To start, you could define it as being a localized topical application, which means that it is applied to small areas where termites are sighted. It cannot be used to treat walls, soil or any sort of structure in the home. As such, it will not kill a colony, and it will not stop termites from reaching the structural elements of a building.

Is termite chemical effective?

Before we answer if termite chemical is effective, we need to understand two things about termites in the US. First, you have two main types of termites – subterranean and drywood termites. Subterranean termites can only exist underground, which is why they build mud tunnels to reach any destination. The drywood termites however do not rely on soil for survival, so they can move out and about. The second thing to take into consideration is that termites live in multiple stages, and one of particular interest here is the swarming stage, where they grow wings and fly around in search for new nest locations.

So localized solutions such as the chemical would be effective in three situations. One is if you are dealing with drywood termites, who you would be able to see wandering around. It would also be effective against termites that are in their swarmings stage and you see them around your property. Thirdly, you could use the chemical as a component of a larger termite control strategy.

The two most effective methods of controlling and exterminating termites are the liquid treatment, which creates a chemical barrier around your property that kills termites, and the baiting station, which places poisoned cellulose around the property in key locations. Termites will find the poisoned bait, take it back to the colony, and eventually, the poison will reach the queen. When used in conjunction with these two methods, the termite chemical can help you control any termites that you see out in the open.

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