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Termites will often be drawn to certain homes more than others. Let’s take a closer look at why this is and what are the factors that attract termites to a building.

Outdoor draws

There are several factors that can draw termites to the outdoors of your property. Termites mostly prefer dead wood that is high in humidity, so if you have this type of wood anywhere in your yard, termites may pay you a visit. This is why firewood will often be targeted by termites, especially if it is uncovered or connected to the ground. Once the termites are inside the firewood, it’s likely that they will infest the home, if the firewood is close to the building. To avoid this, the firewood has to be protected from the elements, lifted a few inches off the ground, and stored as far away from the home and other buildings as possible.

Tree stumps can also be a problem. Tree stumps are embedded into the ground, and they are often at the mercy of the elements. If they are also close to the home, then they are a real issue. Finally, there is mulch, a favorite for many gardeners. If your garden is close to the home, it’s best to avoid mulch, but it can be used in gardens that are at a reasonable distance.

Indoor draws

Indoor, the termites will be drawn to wood that is high in moisture. This wood can be found near a leaky pipe or a clogged gutter, or the wood may become water damaged if the humidity in the home is too high. To prevent this from happening, it’s important to make sure that the home is well ventilated and any leaks are fixed as soon as possible.

Preventing and controlling infestations

Besides making sure that the wood in or near the home does not get too high in moisture content, you can work with a pest control pro who will install either a chemical barrier or a baiting system. It’s also a good idea to set up a regular inspection schedule, on a yearly basis, with a pest control pro. The previously mentioned prevention methods only protect against subterranean termites, while other species can still enter the home, and only regular inspections can help detect these infestations early on and remove them before they cause too much damage.

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