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How to Identify and Control Termites In Massachusetts

Is termite infestation traumatizing and worrying you? Then you are not the only one. Termites can cause costly structural damage, and homeowners spend a lot of money to treat them. As a homeowner, this post is for you to identify and safeguard your property from termite infestation. There are effective prevention measures and proper use of termite treatment.

How to Know If You Have Termites

Being alert for termite infestation is essential. It’s also the first step in the prevention of these harmful insects. Termites emerge from mud tubes, soil, and even food sources. The majority of homeowners aren’t aware they have termites until they come across a swarm or damage during construction. Some of the simple ways to know you have termites include examining exposed wood for open spots and identifying termite swarms.

The most common type of termite in many US states includes native subterranean termites. Others include dry wood termite and termite.

How to Prevent Termite Infestation

When constructing a home, use a concrete foundation and create ventilation space between the wood and soil. Cover the exposed wood surface using a metal or sealant barrier. After construction is done, ensure the soil surrounding the foundation is dry through proper drainage and grading. Eliminate all the openings that allow termites to access the structure. Fix any leaks immediately.

Effective Types of Termite Treatment

1.      Non-Chemical Termite Treatment

Some of the techniques to keep termite out don’t include the application of insecticides. They have a physical barrier that is integrated during construction; sand mesh and sands for various sizes can offer physical barriers. Since these techniques don’t involve the application of insecticides, EPA doesn’t regulate them.

2.      Chemical Termite Treatment

Before a firm can distribute or sell any pesticide in the US, apart from the minimum risk pesticides, EPA must review the studies on the pesticides to know that it will not have any risk to the environment and human health. Once that is determined, they will license or register the product for use. The pesticides utilized for the prevention of termite are known as termiticides. The products must showcase the ability to offer structural protection. However, termiticide application is done by a qualified pest management expert. Approved termite treatment include:

  • Termite bites
  • Wood treatment
  • Building materials impregnated with termiticide
  • Liquid soil-applied termiticides

3.      Conventional Barrier Treatment

The common way for treating termite menace is the soil-incorporated barrier treatments. Termiticides utilized for barrier treatment must be well labeled for that purpose. If performed wrongly, convectional barrier treatments can result in contamination of water walls around the home and won’t protect against termites. So, it’s essential to hire a skilled pest management expert who is well trained and licensed to take the required precautions. Conventional termiticides come with active ingredients such as acetamiprid, chlorantraniliprole, cyfluthrin, and chlorfenapyr.

4.      Termite Baits

Many bait systems have been produced to help lessen the general use of insecticide and other environmental and human health effects. These bite systems depend on cellulose bait that has a slow-reacting insecticide. Some of the common active ingredients in termite bait include hexaflumuron, lufenuron, and diflubenzuron.

Tips for Handling a Termite Menace

Hire a pest control firm carefully

Companies providing termite elimination solutions should be fully licensed by the state. Request the company to bring their license, and if there is any issue, contact your state pesticide regulatory body.

Read the instructions on the product label

The label explains how to use the product and offers details on the potential risk.

Know how soon to get back to the treated home

The duration needed before the home can be reoccupied will differ by the product and will be shown on the product label.

Final Word

Termite infestations can be a devastating experience as it can cause damage to your property and home. For this reason, you need to know how to deal with these unwelcomed creatures before they bring more mess. The methods highlighted in this post will help you solve the problem but call the professionals at Termite boys if you wants your termites gone for good.