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Finding termites at your workplace is something that you might imagine very little or imagine not at all. Because usually, offices are built around an area with high-traffic and a parking lot that does not have much vegetation or grass around it. But you must not be aware of what different species of termites can survive to build their colonies at your workplace.

Common Signs:

The less time you waste in identifying the level of infestation, the less cost you will have to pay for the repairing. The signs mentioned below will help you in keeping termites in control.

  • Mud tubes: Spotting mud tubes on the walls or structure of your office building can be a sign of a termite attack but ask an expert to be sure as wasp nests look very similar to the mud tubes created by termites. Mud tubes usually indicate the presence of subterranean termites, which are popular to cause the losses of billions.
  • Dust particles: If you find dust particles very similar to sawdust along the edges of the surface, it is a strong indicator that termites have entered your territory. As termites can digest the cellulose present in the wood, dust-like sawdust is their leftover.
  • Discarded Wings: During the swarming season, if you notice discarded wings in and around your workplace, it can mean that your offic is invaded by termites, and the infestation is severe. This is because termites only grow wings when they mature and travel from one place to another to establish their colony. If the colony is large, the wings become very much visible to notice as hundreds of wings get accumulated in one place.
  • Paint is peeling: If the paint on the walls is peeling or you see bubbles on the walls, the chances are that termites are already eating up your wall. Even the paint on the drywall can also start peeling, as drywalls are one of the favorite dishes of termites.
  • Decaying wood: If decaying wood has caught your attention in your workplace, then it can mean that Dampwood termites are also at work.

If you notice any of the above signs, call pest control professionals at Termite Boys the earliest, to avoid greater damage and high repair cost. And if your workplace has already been under the attack of termites, then you must not waste a single second in calling a professional to take the situation in hand.