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The owner of a pest control company in Lantana Florida Michael Wilson, who owns Aardvark Pest Control filmed a termite nest he found. The nest in question was a Conehead Termite colony which is a common termite species in Florida, which we have talked about in a previous post.

The interesting thing about the termite nest in question that Michael Wilson filmed is that the Conehead nest had multiple queens living inside the same nest. Conehead Termites are unlike most termites they do not rely on underground tunneling to travel around, they forage on the ground similar to ants which allows them to spread more quickly.

The habitat that Conehead Termites use are large dark brown mud tubes, along with freestanding nest on the ground. They also use trees or other wooden structures to start colonies, and the nest themselves can be as large as 3 feet in diameter. The nests are also covered with a hard service of chewed wood from the Conehead Termites.

Conehead Termites are a very aggressive species of termites and should be dealt with accordingly by calling a professional. Watch the video below of the Conehead Termite nests in question, and notice the larger termites those are the multiple queens. It’s important that if you find termites in your home or business you call a licensed professional like The Termite Boys. The Termite Boys have been removing termites in the greater Boston area for 30+ years. Call them today for fast reliable termite services today before it is too late!


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