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Termites are some of the few active pests throughout the year, so literary have no time to prepare to prevent these crawly creatures from getting into your home. Despite this, there are numerous termite control approaches that you can adopt at home to safeguard your house from these wood-chewing pests.

Here is what you need to know!

Termite Inspection

When it comes to dealing with termites, identifying them forms the first step of control. Take the initiative of inspecting the entire home for any signs of pests. Look out for damages such as chewed wooden structures or mud trails. In case you see any of these, it is time to eliminate these unwanted visitors.

Termite Prevention

Preventing termites from getting to your house may prove to be easy than eliminating them. Moisture is the number one factor that attracts termites to any home.

If your basements and attics aren’t adequately ventilated, they become dump creating the necessary environment for termites to thrive. Maintaining proper ventilation and sealing all possible leaking areas can help control moisture in your house and subsequently keep termites away.

When to Use Baits

It is easy to get tempted to use baits whenever you see termites around your house. While the use of termites baits is an effective control method, how and when you apply them influences the efficiency of this method.

If you see termites in the yard, you should bait them immediately to prevent them from crawling into your house. Place the bait stations strategically along the mud tubes the leave or deliver the baits directly at their colonies.

Remove Wood Piles from Your Home

Termites can quickly move from external wooden structures into internal woods, so you should avoid as much as possible, giving them any form of springboards to get into your house. If you have any wooden structures or piles lying idly in your yard, consider keeping them away. In case you cannot take them entirely from your home, make sure that they are about 20 feet from the house. That will, you won’t be giving the termite easy access to your house.

Keep Shrubs and Trees Around Trimmed

Having vegetation around in your home s great, but it can be problematic because it can attract termites. Ensure that all the scrubs and vegetation around your house is clean and well-trimmed. Also, clear off any mulch lying against your home and ensure that the nearby trees do not have any limps near the house.

Treat Wood when Building

Untreated wood can be an easy springboard for termites into your house. Whenever building a new structure in your yard, ensure you use pressure-treated wood only to keep it safe from termites. Termites tend to avoid wooden structures that are treated. However, it advisable to use chemicals that have less to no adverse impact on humans and the environment.


It might appear easy to control a termite infestation through DIY approaches, but it takes much experience and expertise to deal with termites in your home completely. Thus, it is recommended to hire a professional in termite prevention and control. Such individuals will help you address the current problem and advise you on preventing an infestation in the future.