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In Florida the two most damaging and destructive termite species in the world to humans are now swarming together. The two different species who account for most of the $40 Billion economic loss by termites each year, are now swarming in Gainesville South Florida. The two colonies mixing will create hybrid colonies that will have the potential to be even more damaging than their predecessors.

PLOS One who broke this story of the hybrid termite colonies original did so by talking to a team of entomologist from the University of Florida. The entomologist said that both species had evolved separate from one another for tens of thousands of years but now in South Florida they were currently mixing. The research is still being done by University of Florida entomologist, and other entomologist alike to determine if the hybrid colonies of termites are fertile. Hybrid animals sometimes are sterile and not able to reproduce, but if this new hybrid termite were able to reproduce that could cause some concern for the pest management community. Nan-Yao Su an entomology professor at the University of Florida said “Because a termite colony can live up to 20 years with millions of individuals, the damaging potential of a hybrid colony remains a serious threat to homeowners even if the hybrid colony does not produce fertile winged termites.” She went on to say that “This is especially true when the colony exhibits hybrid vigor as we witnessed in the laboratory.”

The Hybridization of the Asian termite and the Formosan termite species could become a huge pest management problem for humans in the future, but only time and research will tell. Nan-Yao Su had this to say about the future research into the issue “Right now, we barely see the tip of the iceberg, but we know it’s a big one.” Keep reading the Termite Boys Blog for more information on this issue as it comes in. If you or someone you know is dealing with termites take the proper steps to eliminate them before they become an expensive problem. Contact the experts in fast reliable termite removal in the greater Boston area The Termite Boys! The Termite Boys have been eliminating termites in the North Shore, and Eastern Massachusetts since the early 1980s. Contact us today don’t let termites terrorize your home or business!




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