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The last species discovered in the termite genus Pronoeotermes was over a century ago, that all changed in Colombia in 2016. Scientist in Colombia found the new termite species living the dry Colombian forests. The people behind the new species discovery are Robin Casalla of Freiburg University Germany, and Universidad del Norte Colombia, Prof Dr. Judith Korb of Freiburg University, and Rudolf H. Scheffrahn of the University of Florida. The new species of termite was discovered for its unique phenotypic variation from other previously recorded species. The new species of termite common name Macondo Termite (Proneotermes macondianus) was published into the open access journal Zookeys.

The world is full of many areas which have species we don’t even know exist, because of just how vast the earth is. Colombia is a prime example of this in their fauna rich rain-forests there are tons of undiscovered species. The Mocando Termite is described as having elongated rectangular heads in the colors of black to rust orange color. P. macondianus prefers dry wood structures to feed on with a diameter less than 2cm thick. P. macondianus also live in relatively small communities of about 20 termites. The Mocondo Termite is not a threat to humans in any way, and is an important member of the Colombian natural ecosystem.

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