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Research being done at The University of Florida has found that “pretty” termites do more damage than their uglier counter parts. What makes a termite pretty you make ask well to the researchers of the University of Florida it is how symmetrical their traits are. The more symmetrical an individual is the more likely he came from a mature colony. The “uglier” not as symmetrical termites come from colonies that are under more stressful conditions, and are short-lived.

That is why it is said that prettier termites cause more damage because it is true! The more mature and successful the termite colony is the better the termites will look. The problem here is that mature termites are the primary cause for property damage in the United States. Thomas Chouvenc a researcher at the University of Florida had this to say about the issue” “If you have a mature colony with a million termites at 100 percent of their capacity, your house may be in trouble.” Chouvenc went on to say “If the colony is very young, with just a few hundred termites in poor shape, then it would take more time for them to damage a structure. In the end, mature termite colonies are the ones doing the most economic damage.”

Termites account for almost $40 billion annually worldwide in damages, and are one of the biggest problems a property owner can face. That is why if you are dealing with termites at your home, or business make sure you contact The Termite Boys today. See why so many in the Greater Boston area have contacted The Termite Boys when they found termites on their property. Contact us today and see why we have been eliminating termites in Boston for over 30 years!


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