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It is almost the first day of Termite Awareness Week, which is March 12-18th every year. Termites are most prevalent in this time, because it is right after winter and the start of spring. The termite swarms are expected to show up early spring and force pest control companies to act to combat them immediately. The Professional Pest Management Alliance (PPMA) aims to educate the public about Pest Awareness, and they are the creators of Termite Awareness Week. The annual Termite week is celebrated throughout the pest control, and pest management industry each year. The goal of Termite week is to protect home or business owners from the pit falls, and dangers that come with having Termites.

In most of the country the winter this year was not as cold as average, allowing Termite swarms to not be as negatively affected by the cold as normal. This means that this year’s termite swarms could be more intense than previous colder years. Cindy Mannes, executive director of PPMA had this to say about Termite Awareness Week “Consumers will look to pest professionals for information and advice and we have new materials to share. To spread the word, we are inviting the whole pest control industry to promote public vigilance against termites and join our conversation online and in our communities.” The PPMA is really making a push to educate the public of termite danger with various media relations, and social media campaigns they created for Termite Awareness Week.

Here at Termite Boys we are going to be a part of Termite Awareness Month. It only makes sense since we are the leaders in Termite removal in Eastern Boston and North Shore areas! Join us the week of March 12-18 for Termite Awareness month where we will be posting information and tips to protect your home or business this upcoming season! Check across our social media accounts with the hashtag #TermiteWeek for more information. Visit us today The Termite Boys

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