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When it comes to termites control, you can quickly get confused about which pest control method is best for your case. Two of the commonly used ways of preventing termites’ infestation are baits and barriers. Just as the approach is different, the efficiency of these two methods differs significantly.

If you aren’t sure which of the two methods to use, this guide is for you. It is a brief overview of each approach to determine which is more effective between baits and barriers when used to address a termite infestation.

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Termites Prevention and Control: Choosing the Right Method

Usually, the method that you use depends mainly on the goal in mind. Let’s face it – you cannot use a technique meant to prevent infestation to a case where your home is already invaded.

Similarly, the method you choose would also be dictated by the types of termites you intend to prevent or eliminate. For example, when faced with a native subterranean termite infestation, you won’t use the same approach as in drywood termites.

Let’s look at how termites barriers and baits are used.

1.      Use of Termites Barriers

You can use termite barriers for two occasions – where you have identified the termites, and you want to prevent them from spreading, and where you want to keep these pests from entering your home. So, you can use termite barriers as preventive and control methods.

To create a barrier, you will need to apply a liquid pesticide around your home or around any other place where you don’t want the termites to reach. Usually, the chemical can repel or kill the termites. This approach is most effective when dealing with subterranean termites’ infestation.

2.      Use of Termites Baits

The use of poisoned baits is another way to keep termites away from your home. Often, when termites infest a given structure, they come in large numbers. Identifying their colony makes it sufficient to eliminate them. The baits approach involves the application of poison on pieces of food attractive to the termites. Usually, baits are useful if you have identified the termites, their colony, and the tunnels they have created.

After identifying these aspects, you place the bait stations with the poison along the termites’ trail so they can take back the poison to the members of their colony.

Should You Hire a Professional Termite Control Company?

The chances are high that you would consider the baits method when you are faced with an infestation. In case you want an infestation, then you would go for the barrier method. Some of the chemicals used in either of these methods are harmful to the environment and human beings, while others are not. A professional termite control expert knows the safe products and understands what method will give you better results.


Now you know which method you should use for different termite situations. It is advisable to take the necessary precautions, such as using barriers to keep termites away and place baits appropriately to eliminate termites from your home.