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The warmer weather arriving with the change in season not only means more fun in the sun, it means more termites. Termites are the most active during this spring season, and can pose a serious threat to any home or business alike. Termites each year account for over $5 billion in property damage in the United States alone, include that with $50 billion world wild damage annually and you have a real problem. The best way to protect yourself from these expensive pests is to follow these following tips outline by the National Pest Management Association.

  1. Remove all moisture from around your property termites love moisture, and need it to start a colony. The moisture you want to remove would be standing water, puddles or other permanent water sources pest may use to survive.
  2. Make sure that gutters are clean or other drainage systems are able to drain water, this goes with the first tip. Removing all sources of moisture is one of the most important factors in making sure termites do not choose your home or business as their new home.
  3. Discard and remove old from boards, and grade states which could have been left behind after the previous owner or home was constructed. These old pieces of wood are prime areas in which termites have been known to infest so removing them will only better your chance of avoiding a infestation.
  4. Look for the mud tubes around your home, termites use mud tubes to travel throughout their home range. The mud tubes look like small tubes made of mud or dirt that are very tiny with a smaller circumference than a toothpick. If you find any of these tubes on your property you definitely have termites, and should contact a pest professional ASAP.
  5. Always keep firewood stored at least 20 feet away from the home, as termites love to eat firewood, and can transition from the firewood to your home. If at all possible if you don’t want termites in your wood piles at all have the woodpile at least 5 inches off the ground to keep termites from infesting it. Sometimes people bring infested firewood into their homes for fires, and end up dropping off termites in their homes in the process so be aware!

Termites are a huge problem and if you find yourself or someone you know dealing with termites make sure to call a licensed professional like The Termite Boys. Termites are not a do it yourself project and if not dealt with by a professional could cost you thousands of dollars. Contact The Termite Boys today if you or your business is dealing with termites, and let our dedicated team take it from there. We are family owned and operated, and have been serving the greater Boston area for over 30 years. Find out why The Termite Boys should be your first call when you have termites!




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