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Insect populations on earth are staggering, recent studies indicate there are over 200 million insects for each human on the planet. Insects often travel in large swarms to new locations with increased resources at certain times of the year. On May 29 one of these large swarms was spotted across New Orleans North and South shore. The swarm was so large it was spotted by New Orleans meteorologist monitoring the weather. When these large disturbances are spotted on radar they usually are a large flock of birds, but this radar signature was different. The signature that was detected happened too late at night to be birds, and was much less dense then a flock of bird’s radar signature.

The National Weather Service and their weather technologies including radar often pick up signatures of large aggregations of migrating species. The fact that the swarm spotted this time on radar was termites might be a cause for concern for the New Orleans community. Alex Krautmann a New Orleans resident and meteorologist had this to say about the issue “There were few nights about two weeks ago where the bugs and the termites were pretty active, but it hasn’t been as bad lately, but apparently they’re back tonight.” Meteorologist suggest that the increase in the detection of termite swarms might be due to the high pressure conditions, which sometimes cause the radar beam to refract closer to the surface of the ground. In either case the residents of New Orleans should be prepared for the influx in termites they currently have in their city.

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