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Termites are huge problems for many home or property owners around the world, but how much do you really know about them. Most people don’t really know too much about these silent home destroyers, so familiarize yourself with these termite facts complied by the National Pest Management Association.

Termites are not always found strictly underground; there are many species of termites such as the Conehead termite located in Florida that do not. The Conehead termites forage on top of the ground, and not underground like most species of termites.

Termites have an insatiable appetite they are able to consume wood extremely fast. To put into perspective just how fast a termite colony consumes wood they are able to eat a cup of sawdust in under two hours. This fact information alone should show you just how of veracious eaters termites are, and how damaging that can be towards your home.

Termites do not work along they have a group or colony mentality. Termites are extremely social animals and the activity of a specific colony is controlled by the swarms’ intelligence as a whole. In termite colonies the group always takes precedence over the individual. The group mentality employed by termites allows them to take advantage of resources that they could not utilize individually.

Inside the colony termites have specialized jobs within the community. The different jobs that each group of termites has within the colony help the colony grow. The main groups of labor division in a termite colony is made up of workers, soldiers, reproductive individuals, and nymphs. Workers are the most abundance group in the colony and are responsible for foraging as well as maintaining the nest. The soldiers job is to protect the rest of the colony from all outside threats that may attack the colony. The soldiers have enlarged jaws that can block tunnels if ants attack. One weird fact about this is that some termite soldiers have jaws so large they are unable to feed. Nymphs are the young termites and sometimes take on the duties of a worker termite.

Another way in which termites differ from other social insects is that the colony has a primary queen termite and a king who mate for their entire lives. The colony will though have winged reproductive termite individuals for spreading out and starting new colonies.

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