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Termites are known for their voraciousness and the huge amount of damage they can do to a building. This damage can be even worse however, if you have wooden siding. Termites target wood in particular, because it is their main food source, but wood siding may also be damaged by other pests including rodents and birds.

Sings that your siding has termite damage

You should check your siding often, especially during the summer, or you should have a regular professional inspection performed. Termites will tunnel through the siding from the ground up, and this will leave the surface untouched, making it appear as if there is no infestation inside of the wood. In order to sidestep this deception, you can tap on the siding and check if it sounds hollow. Sometimes, you may also notice that there are mud tubes running up from the ground to the siding. Termites use these tubes whenever they need to travel outside of the ground. Finally, make sure to check your patio doors and window frames for any warping, and tap them as well to check if they sound hollow.

Preventative measures

Wood will always be a main draw for termites, and wood siding is particularly vulnerable. If you choose other materials, such as fiber cement or seamless steel, you will eliminate any threat that termites pose to your siding. These materials are particularly pest proof, because they repel a range of animals and insects, including carpenter ants, rodents and birds.

However, if you do not want to replace your siding, there are a few preventative measures that you can take. First, try to keep firewood away from the home, and above the ground. You also want to make sure that the trees, bushes and shrubs that are really close to the home are kept trimmed. You then want to avoid any water damage. While termites love wood, they really love decayed wood, and fixing old shingles, making sure that your gutters are effective, and making sure that water does not get behind your siding, will help prevent the odds that the siding will be water damaged. Finally, you want to make sure that your siding is stained with moisture and heat resistant products so that the wood stays in top condition for as long as possible.

In the case of an infestation

If you discover any signs of a termite infestation, or if you suspect that your siding has been damaged, it’s best to call a pest control specialist right away. Contact us today if you have a termite infestation.