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After enjoying several years of near universal popularity, social media sites are becoming less exciting, and more bland. When visiting Facebook or Twitter we expect to find numerous inspiring quotes posted by friends, celebrity opinions concerning modern politics, and pictures of our old friend’s newborn baby. However, one thing that we are not used to seeing on facebook are videos of monstrous termite swarms. Every year around Mother’s Day many termite species take flight in order to start new colonies. Many people will go their entire lives without ever catching sight of a termite swarm, but this year, termite swarms are particularly numerous in the southeast United States. Termite swarms have been making their way through public areas, exposing themselves to large amounts of people. These termites do not seem shy, as several Facebook users in America have posted videos and pictures that show these winged termites swarming through businesses and other public locations. Although termites are not the most interesting creatures to most people, they have nevertheless been well represented on various social media websites recently as a result of their unusual abundance this year.


One South Carolina resident recently posted a video to the West Ashley United Facebook group that captured a rare termite-related occurrence. The video shows an enormous swarm of what looks like subterranean termites tearing through a local CVS store. Not long after the video was posted, several people posted replies that told of their own recent and odd encounters with winged termites. Similarly, another resident posted a video to the I Live in Wagener Terrace Facebook group that showed hundreds of termites clearly visible on the ground.


This is not the first time that stories, pictures and videos of swarming termites have been posted en mass to social media sites. During the year of 2013 abundant swarming termites became a concern for many New Orleans residents. People living in areas that included Violet, Bywater, Covington and Algiers had taken to Facebook in order to express their disgust, and in some cases, panic over the colossal termite swarms. Several people also posted photos of swarming termites to Instagram in order to show people around the world how troubling termite pests can become in the state of Louisiana. For both 2013, and this year, the termite swarms occured in the month of May after spring rain. Although unusually abundant, termite swarms are commonly spotted during the month of May.


Have you noticed the termite presence on Facebook or any other social media sites?



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