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If you are worried that termites will damage your home, you aren’t alone. Termites are known to destroy millions of structures and property. Besides, it takes a significant amount to treat them. This guide is for you if you are tired of termites’ infestation and the subsequent losses they cause. The guide shows you simple ways of identifying termites infestation and using reliable prevention measures to protect your property.


How do you know that termites have invaded your home? Your first step towards effective termites control is identifying them as soon as they enter your home. However, it can be hard to detect these creatures immediately they invade your home because they rarely leave their food sources, mud tubes, or soil.

Probe exposed wooden structures for open spots and identity termite swarms in your house. Also, watch out for mud tubes, termite wings, and piles of excretion around any wooden structures in your compound.

Termite Infestation: Prevention

Termites are common pests that can invade your house, especially during the cold weather. The native subterranean termite is the most common type of termite in most parts of the United States of America.

Irrespective of the type that is likely to invade your home, use the following ways to prevent termite infestation:

1.      Keep Your House Less Attractive to Termites

Plan to keep termites as early as during the construction phase. Adopt a concrete foundation and keep enough space and between wood and the soil. In case there are exposed wooden surfaces, cover them with metal barriers or sealant.

2.      Embrace Termite Prevention Strategies

Preventing termites from coming into your home is a lifetime exercise. Ensure that all the soil around your house remains dry and that the home has a functional drainage and grading system. Keep termites away from your house by closing any possible entry areas such as cracks on the floor. In case there are any leaks in the home, fix them as soon as they appear, lest they make your house conducive for termites to invade.

Termites Treatment

You can control termites using any of the following ways:

1.      Non-Chemical Method

Termites control doesn’t have to be about applying pesticides. The non-chemical way of controlling pests includes using physical barriers to deny entry or using biological control agents. The non-chemical approaches are most recommended because they are not potentially harmful in any way.

2.      Use of Chemicals

One of the commonly used termites control methods is the chemical approach. This treatment involves several chemicals to kill or even repel these pests.  This method’s efficiency depends on the correct identification of the type of termites and the pesticide’s appropriate choice. It is advisable to use only the minimum risk pesticides for termites control.


Termite identification and control should be a regular practice if you want to keep these pests away. If you cannot keep up with a regular inspection and control routine, you should get a professional to do it for you. Besides, such individuals have the necessary knowledge to determine what prevention or control methods would work best in your case. Get in touch today with a termite control expert to keep your home free from termites.