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With the exception of Alaska, termites can be found in every US state, which is why it is important and economically wise for most American homeowners to have their homes occasionally inspected for termite infestations and damage. Of course, the rate of termite infestations within structures varies significantly by region, so homes in northern Minnesota do not need to be inspected for termites as often as homes located in Florida.

Anyone who owns a home that is located within a geographic region that sees moderate to high amounts of termite activity should have termite inspections conducted on their property at least once per year. All New England homes located south of Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine are located within a “moderate to high” termite activity zone. According to many pest control professionals and entomologists, homes located in this region should also be protected with a termiticide barrier. Termiticide barriers are applied beneath the soil surrounding a home, and they prevent termites from accessing the wood in homes. However, after a termiticide barrier is applied to the perimeter of a property, homeowners must avoid certain landscaping activities that may compromise the barrier.

It is not hard to avoid landscaping activities that may breach a termiticide barrier applied to the borders of a property, but termiticide barriers are also usually applied around the foundations and concrete slabs of houses where many people excavate soil for gardening, landscaping and maintenance purposes. Barriers that surround foundations and concrete slabs are typically 4 inches wide and 6 inches deep, and this soil should never be disturbed. Most pest control professionals urge residents not to excavate soil within 12 inches of foundations and concrete slabs, as excavating soil near treated soil may lead to erosion, and therefore, a barrier breach. All foundation plantings, garden beds and shrubs should be placed at least one foot away from a home’s foundation and concrete slabs.

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