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How to Choose the Right a Termite Pest Control Company

Let’s get it right – when it comes to termites control, there are no second guesses. Make the wrong choice of termite control company, and all the money goes down the drain as the crawly creatures continue to be a nuisance in your home.

So, how do you ensure that you have the right termite pest control company?

Here are a few tips to consider when hiring a company to eliminate termites from your hDon’t engage just any company you come across to deal with a termite infestation in your home. Check the following:

1.      Guarantee

A guarantee is necessary when hiring a pest control company for termites elimination. Is the company willing to offer a guarantee for their service? Usually, any company that trusts their work and service won’t have a problem with a guarantee. In case a given company isn’t ready for this, that’s a red flag there; drop it and continue searching.

2.      Membership to a Recognized Body

Most reputable termite control companies are registered with the National Pest Control Association and related bodies. If the company is a member of such associations, it indicates that they have met the necessary work standards and can access modern pest control technical information.

3.      Plan of Work

Termites are a nuisance – that’s a fact, so how your company approaches the elimination process matters a lot. Understanding how the company works gives you an idea of whether it is the best company for this job. So, request to see how the company identifies termites’ infestation and how they treat them.

Make sure you get a document that outlines the procedures and chemicals the company uses, how they approach bait station placement, do any repairs on the affected structures, and fully understand the labels on the insecticide they use?

4.      Compare Offers

Various pest control companies will have different offers for the pest control service. It is advisable to compare offers from other companies. You should know that the highest bid does not translate to professional service or reliability. Similarly, don’t go for the lowest bid because it matches your budget – choose a company based on its ability to help you address the termite menace effectively.

5.      Reputation

How reputable is the company you are about to hire? Choosing a reputable company increases your chances of getting quality service. Learn more about what other people are saying about the company regarding its service.

Check out reviews on the company website and other review sites such as Yelp or Better Business Bureau. You wouldn’t want to work with a company with too many complaints from past customers, or would you?


Termites can cause significant destruction and inconvenience in your house. Whereas you might have heard of numerous DIY pest control methods, hiring a termite pest control company guarantees you the best results. However, before you engage any company, you need to be sure that it is best suited for the task. Looking at the company’s reputation, professionalism, understanding of the insecticides used, price, and how they work will help you choose the right termite pest control company.