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The sight or even the thought of termites is a nightmare for any homeowner. Also known as silent destroyers, Termites are destructive pests because of their stealth nature. They may be eating away through your home without your knowledge and cause severe damage. Termites аrе rеѕроnѕiblе for damage worth billions.

According to National Pest Management, in the United States, termites cause property damage of $5 billion, annually. They can hide easily, thereby avoid detections. Before you can find out, the unseen termites cause damage that may be too late to repair. Therefore, it is extremely important to be vigilant enough to look for termites in and around your home regularly before the problem gets out of hand.

Exploring the Hide and Seek Places

The task of locating termites is tough to accomplish. To make the search easy for you, we have listed below the top hiding places of termites:

Let’s explore

  • Outdoor Areas:Termites also need food to survive hence travel through underground tunnels in search of food. They make their way to the outdoor structure like decks, verandas, porches, balconies, and pergolas, through the tunnels,
  • Attic:Termites are attic lovers. The exposed wooden structures, unsealed wood, Rotting, or old wood in the attic attracts termites. Moreover, the stockpiled cardboard boxes full of paper materials becomes their food source.
  • Garden:Termites naturally occur in soils, and damp spaces are termite hotspots which make the garden their favourite place to hide. They are attracted to the moisture present in your garden. The tree stumps, stacked woodpiles, mulch beds, and wood fences, in your yard appeal to them as an unlimited buffet meal.
  • Basement:We tend to use the basement as a storage room and fill with cardboard, timber, structural wood sills, or other materials. This acts as a food source for termites making the basement a hotspot for termite infestations. They feed on structural wood present in your basement. This opens the entrance to the entire subflooring of your home. In other words, more trouble.
  • Foundation Wall:Termites often make way into your home through cracks in the foundation wall and through holes in the concrete blocks to reach the foundation walls. After sneaking into the foundation walls, they build mud tubes along the walls to get to their food source.
  • Frames of Doors and Windows:Termites lovers to feast on wood. Since the exterior material or the primary material for building doors and windows is wood, it becomes termite haven.

Final Words

Termites eat your peace away. So, knowing the termite hotspots can be of great help to check and prevent termite infestation places. While detecting termites in your property, you can check the spots outlined above to make the task easier.

Alternatively, you can also hire a professional termite inspection team to inspect your house meticulously and look for infestation sign, post which they can begin their termite removal treatment without compromising on your comfort and safety.