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Termites can cause damage worth thousands of dollars if not treated on time. However, there are multiple treatments available to remove the termite infestation. The termite control varies depending upon the termite species you are dealing with and the extent to which they have infested your house.

One thing that is common for every termite infestation is that these pests can cause havoc inside the house. They can go deep inside the house and damage the foundation. It is difficult to detect their presence and deter their growth. However, there are termite control experts who will recommend and use specific methods to remove their infestation.

Top methods for termite control:

Let’s look upon several methods for termite removal-

Use of chemicals and pesticides:

It is the most effective method to kill sneaky pests. You can use the number of pesticides depending on the extent of the termite infestation, offering you better results. There are several poisons available in the market. You may also use chlordane effective for termite control.

Use of soil treatment:

Termites build mud tubes connected to the ground or surface areas. Once you have confirmed a particular area infested with termites, make sure to use the pest controls in that affected area. Before that, seal all the entry points so that it won’t be possible for the termites to enter from the soil or garden area, thereby protecting the foundation of your home.

Electronic and temperature-sensitive treatment:

We all know that some pests cannot handle extreme hot or cold temperatures. Well, the same is with termites. Termites cannot survive in the sunlight, and when exposed to sunlight, they will eventually die. You can use extremely hot or cold temperatures to get rid of termites from your wooden elements.

Also, you can use microwave or electronic conduct to kill termites present in the dry furniture.

However, you need to check frequently that the infestation has not occurred again.

Termination of food sources:

If you want your home termite-free, then follow the simple prevention strategy. Remove the food sources, including the wooden objects, from your house so that the termites do not get the favorable environment to live in and ultimately die. Leakages should get fixed, which does not provide a moist and damp environment to the termites.

Placement of termite baits:

Using chemicals in the soil or throwing away food sources are just temporary solutions that will work for a shorter period. After that, you need to think of new solutions for termite removal. Installing termite baits in the most affected areas will help to remove the termite problem permanently. The poisonous baits will attract termites, and they will take them back to the nest, resulting in the death of the termites, including the Queen.

Liquid treatments:

Some termiticides are available in the form of liquids. It will get into the soil and prevent the termites from getting sufficient water to survive. You need to drill the area if the liquid termiticides do not pass on.

Wrapping up:

These were some of the effective termite control methods used by most homeowners. You may have a regular termite inspection in and around your property by pest control experts.