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Dampwood Termites one of the most common species of termites in the United States use their feces to build up their nests. The termite’s feces is used as a building block since it is almost cardboard like, but this means wherever they infest it’s basically a giant toilet.  Entomologist researchers at Louisiana State University, and specifically Chinmay Tikhe are working to turn a termite’s guts against themselves.

Chinmay Tikhe and his team at Louisiana State University are developing a new bacterium to destroy the termite’s protists in their own guts. The new bacterium would be introduced to a colony of termites, and kill the termites from the inside out. The bacterium works by turning the termites own protists in its gut against itself, effectively not allowing termites to get nutrients from wood. The bacterium in simple terms would cause the termites to starve, and be much easier to treat than current treatment techniques.

If you would like to hear more about the research Dr. Tikhe and his team at Louisiana State University has found involving termite gut protists follow the link below. If you are in the greater Boston area and are dealing with termites in your home or business call The Termite Boys! The Termite Boys have been a staple of termite control in the great Boston area for over 30 years all while being family owned, and operated. Don’t let you or someone you know become a victim of termites call The Termite Boys today!


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