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A termite management system is a pest control tool designed to prevent termites from entering a building from the ground or through concealed pathways. These systems can consist of both chemical and physical products, and they can be installed either in the early stages of a new building project or renovation.

Chemical management options

Chemical treatment options are usually installed near the foundation of the home, after a building has been constructed. There are many products available, each with their pros and cons, and with different lifespans, but you can expect a chemical barrier to last as many as ten years. Baiting systems also fall under this category. A baiting system consists of several plastic containers that are installed in the ground, and which contain bait laced with an insecticide. As termites gather the bait and spread it around the colony, more and more workers die, until the colony collapses. These systems may also kill the queen, which will be the death of the colony.

Physical management options

Physical product options aim to separate the home from the ground in order to protect it from subterranean termite tunnels. This type of barrier has to be installed as the home is constructed, and it is pretty much permanent. It can also be used in conjunction with chemical management options, such as barriers or baiting systems, to destroy active colonies that are on or near the property.

There is also a combination of physical and chemical management products, such as pre-treated building materials. These materials are usually wooden structures that are treated with a termiticide, and they will need to be used as the building is constructed.

Choosing the right treatment for your property

If you are dealing with an infestation in an existing structure, your only option will be to use chemical systems. However, if you plan on buying a home that is under construction, you may be able to request to have a physical barrier installed, which will have the advantage of raising your property value, and keeping your home protected against termites for many decades to come. A pest control pro will also advise you on your best treatment options based on the layout of your home, the termite species in the area, and your budget. If you would like to know more about termite management systems, or if you would like to have one installed on your property, contact us today.