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When we think of spring, we think of blooming flowers and warming weather. The last thing that we want to have on our mind during the season are termites. However, spring is the beginning of termite season, when these insects come out of the ground looking to start new colonies and find new sources of food.

The swarmers

There are three main types of termites in any colony. You have the workers, the soldiers and the reproductives. The workers are tasked with maintaining the colony – building it, repairing it, and foraging for food. Soldiers are the defenders of the colony, making sure that invaders are stopped and dealt with. The reproductives can be divided into two groups – swarmers, and the king and queen. The queen gives birth to everyone inside the colony, and swarmers go out of the colony to establish new nests.

Swarmers have two pairs of wings, of the same length, and during spring, once the temperature starts to go over 70 degrees, they set out to reproduce and start new colonies. From the point a colony starts, it can take up to three or four years until it reaches maturity and starts to produce its own swarmers. Termite colonies also start out quite slow. A new subterranean termite queen for example will give birth to about 75 individuals in the first year, which is amazing considering that these colonies can grow to have millions of members. As such, it can take quite a while for a new colony to reach the point where it can do a lot of damage to a building. Unfortunately, some infestations occur from large existing colonies which are ready to devour wood at breakneck speeds.

Seeing swarmers on your property

Termite swarming season starts in spring and it lasts until fall, depending on the species. Seeing these swarmers on your property, and especially in your home, may be a sign that there is a mature colony nearby, and it might be prudent to start looking for mud tubes and other signs of an infestation. If you need any help inspecting your home for termites, contact us today, and we will send someone over who can determine conclusively whether your home is safe or not. We can also provide you with termite control services in case there really is an infestation in the building and ensure that the colony is removed.