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Owning an apartment complex can be a challenge, as the responsibility to address tenant complaints can become overwhelming and expensive. Of course, the tenant/landlord relationship is no easier for tenants, as landlords and/or property managers may ignore serious tenant grievances. It is often difficult, if not impossible, to determine which party is responsible for issues that relate to disturbances on rental property. These “disturbances” can include pre-existing structural inadequacies that challenge tenant safety, vandalism, and, perhaps most common, pest control issues. For example, a bed bug infestation in an apartment unit may not be the fault of the landlord, but rather the tenants who transported them into the unit. Of course, landlords could also be responsible for bed bug infestations, but there is often no way to determine who is responsible for a bed bug infestation in an apartment unit. However, a woman who rents out an apartment unit in Gert Town, Louisiana may have a winning lawsuit on her hands due to a heavy termite presence within her unit. The woman has even captured video footage of a terrifying swarm of winged termites numbering in the thousands flying erratically within her apartment. Unfortunately, the female tenant alleges that both the property manager and landlord have ignored her pleas for help with resolving the pest problem. However, the accused landlord and apartment manager both claim that they have taken every step to contact the woman in order to resolve the pest problem.


Waranicka Wilson is claiming to be at the mercy of an enormous flying termite (alate) population within her apartment. The apartment manager claims to have offered her a new place to stay until they eradicate the winged termites. On the night that Wilson shot the video footage, she called her landlord who allegedly ignored her request for assistance. As a result of the termite presence, Wilson claimed to have been forced to stay at a nearby hotel for two nights. Wilson estimates that there had been at least two thousand flying termites in her apt. The property managers claimed that bad timing prevented the unit from being inspected by a pest control professional over the weekend. As of Tuesday, the unit has not yet been visited by a pest control professional.


Do you find it hard to believe that Wilson’s landlord, and the property manager would ignore a serious termite infestation in one of their occupied units?


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